Saints Report: Saints stunned late by Giants in ‘Dome-Coming’ loss

So far this season, the New Orleans Saints have been a tale of two teams and that trend continued in Sunday’s 27 to 21 overtime home loss to the New York Giants.

After 637 days since the last capacity crowd here at the now Caesars Superdome black and gold fans certainly got their money’s worth in the overtime game nobody saw coming.

The Saints seemed well in control in the second half after two of the most punishing Taysom Hill touchdown runs you’ll ever see, but the Giants, previously winless Giants that is, well they rallied to score the final 11 points of regulation before punching home the game-winning touchdown on the first possession of the extra period. Demario Davis said, “It’s hard to win in this league, and so when you have games that you’re in control of, you’d like to be able to close them out and finish them. And that’s the lesson, is when you have those games, you’ve got to find a way.”

Malcolm Jenkins said, “Pretty easy game. It’s just a very simple game. Don’t let them score, especially not fast on defense. And I think we take a lot of pride in what we do for this team, so I think this one is on the defense. I know this one is on the defense. We’ve got to play better in order for our team to have success, and that starts with those big plays and then tackling to the standard in which we’ve set for ourselves.”

Head Coach Sean Payton said, “This game can be frustrating, challenging and all of those emotions, and that’s why it feels so good to win, and that’s why it feels this way when you lose. But it’s frustrating. When you – there’s a ton of different things. One of the things I said to these guys in the locker room, I said, look, we can’t get that game back. We’re 2-2. It is what it is. But let’s make sure we get something from that game.”

Jameis Winston said, “Like I said, I wish we could’ve brought them a win, man. You don’t like to lose those type of games, man. That’s not what we do. We finish. That’s in our DNA. That one just feels like a blur, man. So that’s why I apologized to them, man. I was so happy to be here. I was so blessed to have this opportunity to play in front of our fans, man. It just didn’t work out, and we’re going to get it fixed. I’m going to get it fixed, and that’s it, man.”

Now, Alvin Kamara continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise inconsistent Saints offense, carrying the ball a career high 26 times for a 120.

New Orleans is certainly missing the presence of Michael Thomas in the passing game.

Next up for the Saints is a road game against the Washington Football Team at noon Sunday.

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