Saints Report: Prime Opportunity Waste in Primetime for Saints

After last week’s shutout win over the Raiders, it appeared as if the Saints had gotten their swagger back, but Monday night’s primetime loss tells a different story.

The Saints coming in just one win away from their 400th regular season victory in franchise history, but number 400 is gonna have to wait at least one more week as the Ravens dominate the Saints in every facet of the game.

The 27-13 final score, somewhat concerning obviously, but even more concerning, some of the things you find in the box score like five punts, compared to Taysom Hill just carrying the ball one time, throwing the ball one time, no receptions, and then Alvin Kamara just touching the ball 12 times, some of that having to do with the Ravens outgaining the Saints by 15 minutes in time of possession.

At the end of the day, the Saints say they just got flat out beat. “They kind of beat us today.”

Head Coach Dennis Allen said, “They beat us tonight. They beat us in a lot of different areas. There’s a lot that wasn’t good offensively tonight, and so there’s a lot of dirty hands in that. Over the last – whatever it’s been, five weeks I think – our offense has been pretty good and moved the ball effectively. This was not a good game tonight, so we’ll evaluate as we move forward, but I’m looking at this as we had a bad day at the office offensively tonight and we’ve got to improve from it.”

Defensive end Cam Jordan said, “It’s us. I mean you can’t go ahead and miss those tackles. You have to be able to make these plays. I’m always going to look at us before I’m going to look out. I’m going to say I can’t wait to break down this film and hopefully I’m wrong, but I feel like these missed tackles hurt. At this point, we’re three and whatever it is. We’ve got to find a way to find a win, no matter how long we have to be out there. I don’t care if we have to be there all 60 minutes. We have to be able to lock in each and every play.”

Quarterback Andy Dalton said, “I don’t know what the time of possession was, but I know they definitely had that one tonight. And for us, you’ve got to find ways to convert third downs. You’ve got to find ways to keep moving the chains and different things, and we weren’t able to do that tonight.”

Safety Tyrann Mathieu said, “I feel like we had way more opportunities to kind of get off the field. I mean that’s what makes those guys offense so dynamic is when they’re pounding the ball, being able to kind of control the clock, control the time of possession, so definitely got to find a way to kind of limit that going forward.”

Offensive lineman Ryan Ramczyk said, “I mean in this league; a loss is a loss. Losses sting, and we’ve got to do everything in our power to come back and make these corrections and get back to winning football.”

Now the numbers simply are what they are, Andy Dalton just 6-20 all-time in Primetime games and the Saints just 3-6 nine weeks into the season, but still firmly entrenched in the playoff hunt as the NFC South continues to be the worst division in all of football.

Short week for the Saints upcoming as they travel to Pittsburgh in week 10.

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