Roosters once again patrolling Downtown Ocean Springs

Carl, the beloved rooster in Downtown Ocean Springs, has a few successors patrolling the streets and business owners are delighted to once again have roosters back in the area.

This is Ricky the Rooster, he’s small, sweet, and loves carbs, according to Keri Hawkins, a waitress at Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria. “I found him across the street in that little grass area. I bought a pack of crackers and crushed it up for him then he just followed me over here and made his home here.”

Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria owner Tom Bennett said, “Kids love him, adults, everybody loves him. They take his picture and he’ll cock-a-doodle-doo for them. It’s kind of neat.”

Ricky is not the only rooster residing in Downtown Ocean Springs, a couple of streets over we spotted Carlos, his name is a play on words, combing Carl, in honor of their former town mascot, and OS for Ocean Springs.

Businesses in the area say the new roosters are a bittersweet reminder of the late Carl. Wild Flier Manager Heather Kesby said, “We’ve always had a special place in our heart for any animal. We have a shop pup. He’s here pretty much every day and it was a big enjoyment for us to have the rooster come into our shop everyday and visitors like to see something they don’t normally see on a day-to-day basis.”

Poppy’s bartender Kristal Chapman said, “I’ve only been working in Downtown Ocean Springs for three months. So, I was here at the time the Carl incident went down and it was really disturbing and heartbreaking for us, but it’s a new day, a new start in Ocean Springs and we’re thrilled about.”

People say a farmer dropped off the fowl, hopeful the city would accept them as a replacement for their loss.

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