Riverfront Dine and Drive-in food truck festival in Moss Point

Moss Point is back with their food truck festival that is sure to please any taste bud.

Many gathered at the festival to take part in all of the tasty vendors that offered everything from hamburgers, tacos, snow cones, and ice cream.

Hibachi was also a popular choice today as people were lining up to get their food.

Not only were the people showing up, but the amount of vendors are continuing to grow as well. Special Grants Manager/ Community Development Coordinator Jacqulyn Davis said, “This is actually our second food truck festival, the first time we had about six vendors, this time we have actually like nine vendors. So, this one it’s growing. We have a lot that have shown interest you know for next month so we’re excited about them you know coming over and we just hope it just continues to grow because this is a good thing for Moss Point.”

If you missed this one, don’t worry because you can catch the next food truck festival on the first Friday of every month.