Riding out Hurricane Ida along the Gulf Coast

Residents of Bay St. Louis are cleaning up after Hurricane Ida swept through the area with strong winds and rain that caused flooding.

High winds up to 69 miles per hour in Bay St. Louis left debris scattered as well as resulted in damage to homes and businesses. Bob Johnson was inside his home wondering when the storm would pass. “Well, it was pretty scary in a way. A lot of rain and wind and all you know. We didn’t know for sure. We kept looking at the news seeing that possibly the storm could go further east.”

City workers were out early cleaning up the mess Ida left behind. Dan B’s Owner Ray Murphy was fortunate when it came to the impact from Ida. “Zeta did a whole lot more damage than this one did. Nobody can explain why you know but we figured with the wind that we had and the high tides we were gonna get hit pretty good.”

Hurricane Ida’s arrival on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina has left some Bay St. Louis residents reflecting on the damage the historic storm brought to the community. “You know like, here we go again. The way they were predicting it, they can’t ever get them exactly right. I mean once they get in that open water, you know, they were back and forth back and forth and we’re like uh oh you know.”

While the damage may not have been as bad as expected here, residents are still concerned about their New Orleans neighbors. “We just kept in touch with the people in Louisiana and see how they are doing. We talked to them today also so. They got it a lot worse than here.”

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