Ribbon cutting held for Black Authors Rock Arts Collective

Black Authors Rock owner decided to partner with the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center to create an ambiance and aesthetic experience that intersects innovation and inclusivity.

Black Authors Rock was created with the purpose of giving minorities a voice to promote and encourage black literary contributions. To expand the vision of Black Authors Rock, Dr. Latracey McDonald, owner of Black Authors Rock, decided to reach out to the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center to help reach a larger audience by putting Black Authors Rock Arts Collective within the center. “We saw the value in art. We also saw the value in making sure that the community was involved and making it multi-cultural so in the process of people hearing the term Black Authors Rock Arts Collective they say it is black authors, well that’s how our brand started, but we saw that we could all collectively work together and be greater together.”

Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Arts Center Arts and Cultural Coordinator Sarah Qarqish jumped at the opportunity to partner with Dr. Latracey after seeing that she not only writes and publishes her own books, but that she is also helping others publish their books. “We sat down and spoke about her goals and what she is doing with her business. She is a creative entrepreneur and that is who we look to to partner with and we had very similar goals in mind. We are excited to collaborate together.”

Dr. Latracey started writing at the age of 13 as a way to express herself, but she never could have imagined a hobby that she had could turn into a full business. “Culturally we are not taught to go to counseling. So, one of the things that I learned was how to write my way to healing and how to get through the process.”

Along with books from the Black Authors Rock company, Dr. Latracey will also be giving classes and hosting events. “She has different classes for adults and children for writing and becoming an author.”

Earnest Gains, a client and spotlight author of Black Authors Rock, tells News 25 Dr. Latracey is an inspiration to all. “What is happening here is amazing. I just really want to congratulate her on her trailblazing that she has started because of what she has started is going to continue to show the advancement of what is happening in Mississippi.”

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