Resident Recounts What Happened in Moss Point Shooting

A Resident in the Neighborhood Tells What She Saw Happen in Officer Involved Shooing

Germaine Williams had just come back home from the grocery store when she heard police sirens coming up the street Tuesday evening.


Williams said “they sound like they coming down Fecerick Street look and see so he stood at the edge and said mama they turning here so i came in the yard and stood by the mailbox and watched the lil lady drive her little car.”


According to the Moss Point police department the lady known to many in the neighborhood as “Deb” drove to her home got out the car and began walking down the street holding a gun.  She stopped right across the street from the Williams home.


Williams, “said Deb please put the gun down she say no she put it in her mouth we start screaming i said Deb it cant be that bad please please.”


As residents pleaded for her to put the gun down she continued walking down Eastwood drive and then turned on Meadowood drive.

Williams said that’s when things started to escalate.

According to police the woman suddenly moved the gun away from her head and pointed it directly at officers.


Williams said,  “by the time she got to the curb down there it was seven of them and when she got in that dark spot in front of that house down there they lit her up and it wasn’t no five shots it was about fifteen rounds went off .”


The woman was taken to singing river hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries and is expected to recover.

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