Remembering the life of William Waltman: the Gulfport City worker was tragically killed Wednesday

Family, friends, and colleagues are remembering the life of 52-year-old William Waltman, who was one of the victims who lost his life in the killing spree on Wednesday.

After killing three people at Broadway Inn Express, 32-year-old Jeremy Reynolds than carjacked and killed 52-year-old William Waltman, who was working as a Gulfport contractor with the city’s public works department.

News 25 spoke to family and friends about his life and untimely death. William Waltman Jr. said, “Every time you see him around people, he was always laughing, always joking. He had such high spirits, no matter what was going on.”

Waltman Jr. says that’s the way he will forever remember his father. On Wednesday, he received a call that his father had tragically been murdered. “It is still kind of surreal to me. I live out in Michigan. So, I guess part of my brain is trying to cope with it.”

William Waltman was doing his daily task as a contractor for the City of Gulfport when 32-year-old Jeremy Reynolds carjacked him, shot him multiple times, then drove off in the utility vehicle belonging to the city. Waltman was taken to the hospital and died during surgery. “He never in his life wanted to hurt nobody in any way. He always wanted to uplift everybody and bring everybody up. For him to be out there at the job, you know, he was just doing a normal routine, doing his thing.”

Wayne Miller, director of public works for the City of Gulfport, says Waltman spent years with the city on the water and sewer workforce. “Always had a smile on his face. Would talk to everybody, almost didn’t meet a stranger. When it comes to work stuff, he did a phenomenal job and he will be greatly missed.”

Waltman Jr. says he will forever keep his father’s life and legacy alive, not only through his name but also through his actions. “His life was cut short, but in the grand scheme, he did huge things for everybody. When I go, I want to have the same memory as he did, the guy that just always smiled, always had the right things to say and could fix anything.”

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