Reeves calls special session for economic development project

Gov. Tate Reeves will call a special session of the Mississippi Legislature to finalize a deal to bring an aluminum production facility to the Golden Triangle.

Reeves said in a press release that the deal will bring 1,000 high-paying jobs to the state. The press release called it the “largest economic development deal in Mississippi history.”

The deal includes a flat-rolled aluminum production facility, biocarbon production facilities, and certain other industrial facilities. It will also include infrastructure improvement projects. The facilities will be located in the Golden Triangle Region.

The Golden Triangle comprises the area of Starkville, West Point and Columbus.

Reeves did not provide the name of the company or say what kind of business it is. He also did not immediately say what kind of incentives he will ask the Republican-controlled Legislature to approve. Democratic Rep. Kabir Karriem of Columbus told The Associated Press that the project will be for Lowndes County.

The deal will include an approximately $2.5 billion corporate capital investment and create 1,000 jobs. The average salary of these jobs is approximately $93,000. At $2.5 billion, it is nearly double the previous largest corporate capital investment in state history. The average salary expectations of the jobs will be over double the existing average salary in the state.

“Mississippi’s economy is firing on all cylinders and this game-changing investment is bringing a thousand high-paying jobs to our state,” said Reeves. “One of my top priorities will always be to raise the per capita wages of Mississippians. This historic economic development deal does exactly that and will have a remarkable impact on communities across Mississippi.”

Reeves called the special session to begin on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 10 a.m. and could be as short as one day.

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