Red Ribbon Week brings Drug Prevention Awareness to the classroom

Red Ribbon Week is happening all across the country this week to spread Drug-Use Prevention Awareness.

This campaign is the largest and longest running drug and bullying prevention campaign in the country. This year’s overall theme is ‘drug free looks like me.’

The theme is a reminder that every day, Americans across the country make significant daily contributions to their communities by being the best they can be because they live drug free.

Students and faculty across the Coast are joining in the Red Ribbon festivities by dressing up each day to match a different theme. Today’s theme at North Woolmarket Elementary and Middle School was ‘country western.’ Third grade teacher Heather Hanshew said, “I teach a younger grade, so it’s not as prevalent in their everyday lives like it is in middle school and high school students with social media. Most third-grade students have limited access to social media, so it’s kind of about bringing fun and awareness to it with little short clips of videos for them to watch that they can relate to.”

Communities across the country also wear red ribbons as a symbol to raise awareness to the suffering caused by drugs in America.

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