Recently retired Pascagoula captain dies of cancer

A long-standing member of the Pascagoula Police Department died on Thursday after a battle with cancer.

Former Detective Bureau Command Captain Shannon Massey spent 23 years with the Pascagoula Police Department before recently retiring.

He began his career with the department as a jailer and climbed his way up to captain of administration.

Prior to his time with the police department, Captain Massey was in the Marines and fought in the first Gulf War.

Captain Massey was also a loving husband and father of two children. Deputy Chief Joe Don Cunningham said, “We were very good friends, and when I came on board, I was working at a previous law enforcement agency and came on as a patrolman and he and I were working together. We became real close friends and we stayed that way until just the other night.”

Captain Massey’s funeral will be held on Wednesday, November 30th.

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