Project Lead the Way and Chevron celebrate success

Project Lead the Way and Chevron celebrated the release of ‘Chevron and PLTW: Partnering to Build a STEM community in the Gulf Coast.’

We went inside the classroom at St. Martin High School to see the program in action.

The celebration highlighted the work that Chevron, PLTW, and Gulf Coast schools have done to create a unique STEM ecosystem.

PLTW and Chevron have been partners for ten years and focus on building a strong STEM community to develop young students with technical and problem-solving skills needed to sustain the Gulf Coast’s STEM workforce.

Former students who participated in Project Lead the Way shared their stories and the impact it had on them. PLTW alum Jarrod Scott said, “With Project Lead the Way getting to check out engineering, getting to check out biomedical, it really allowed me to explore those career paths and find out what I was passionate about. So, if I had to say anything to the students, it’s just get involved.”

PLTW Chief Impact Officer Catherine Minihan said, “Part of our curriculum is insuring students can see things that are out there, how different skills and interests align with different careers, because that opens up a world of opportunities for students. They see things that they wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible.”

Since 2013, Chevron has invested more than $1.2 million in grants for schools through Project Lead the Way.

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