Pre-tagging on Christmas trees begins at Holly Berry Hills in Saucier

The holiday season begins with a rush to local Christmas tree farms as the firs are in high demand due to shortages.

This week, the Saucier community came out to Holly Berry Hills in droves to tag trees to pick up later. Owner Larry Haley told News 25 he expected to sell around 200 trees in one day.

Tree farms are seeing a shortage this year due to high shipping prices and destructive hurricanes.

Holly Berry Hills has done away with importing trees and now only sells those grown on the property.

The line of cars extended down the dirt road and to the highway Saturday morning. Tree Shoppers Jerusha and Robin Goss said, “You know that’s what it really is all about, Christmas time, is making memories with your family and kids, and they have really good pricing on their trees and their trees are really good quality and they last a long time and we just love it.” “They have a good selection, just friendly. I mean that’s all you can really ask for is friendly people — they love everybody and welcome everybody here, shake everybody’s hand.” “It’s kind of like family — you get family when you come here.” “We do encourage people to come to Holly Berry Hills.”

Haley says most or all of his trees will have been sold by Thanksgiving this year.

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