Point Park in Pascagoula to undergo construction

Point Park in Pascagoula is getting a makeover with funds acquired from the state legislature.

Construction will begin in February to put new pavement on existing gravel parking bays. Boat launches and piers will be closed starting February 7th, with two of them being completely rebuilt.

The city secured Tidelands and GOMESA funding for the construction, rounding out to about $900,000.

The Gulf of Mexico Energy Act, or GOMESA, created revenue sharing in 2006 to support coastal states like Mississippi. City of Pascagoula Community Relations Director Katarina Scott said, “When we’re fortunate enough to get state funding that can help us make our amenities better for the public, that’s always a great thing. Point Park is one of our most utilized parks. We see people from all over using the boat launches, coming here to fish, so making sure we have state-of-the-art facilities for them and facilities people want to come back to is something that’s extremely important to us.”

Guests may continue parking in the parking lot, but the city asks that they avoid construction areas.

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