Plans to install cameras to help decrease crime at Waveland Lighthouse

In an effort to decrease vandalism and to promote safety, the City of Waveland has plans to install surveillance cameras on its properties.

The restrooms inside the lighthouse are one of the main areas that are getting vandalized and it is putting a drain on the city’s finances.

The city is still in the process of looking into surveillance cameras that they would have total control over and allow the city to pinpoint the crimes without watching hours of video.

The city is not looking into artificial intelligence cameras, just surveillance cameras that will deter criminals.

Mayor Mike Smith tells News 25 this will be an asset to the safety of the city. “The lighthouse cost us $1.9 million to build and we call it a lighthouse, but it’s elevated bathrooms and just above every other weekend, they are tearing the mirrors off the paper hangers and just throwing the trash cans in the bathrooms and that sort of stuff. We are not going to have cameras in the bathroom. Don’t misunderstand that, but they will be outside so we can determine about if there was a group of kids coming out, laughing, maybe jumping around, whatever the case is.”

Mayor Smith says that the cameras will likely run 24 hours and signs will be placed around to inform the community of the areas being recorded.

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