Pet safety for the Fourth of July

While Fourth of July is a time for celebration, it can also be a scary time for your furry friends.

Many pets go missing during this time of year due to the bright lights and loud noises of fireworks. The Jackson County Animal Shelter says to make sure all pets are secured either inside or fenced in a yard this Fourth of July.

Getting your pets micro-chipped helps if they happen to get out of and run away. If you keep your pet inside, you can try turning up the volume on your TV to block out some of the louder firework noises. Jackson County Animal Shelter Director Joseph Barlow said, “They don’t know what is going on. So, dogs and cats are pretty adaptable, but fireworks don’t happen every day. So, it is out of the ordinary. It’s loud. They are percussive and it is not just the sounds, the flashing lights, even the odors that come from fireworks, all those things can play into being traumatic for particular dogs.”

If your pet does happen to run away, it is important to check your local animal shelter.