Pay increase for Moss Point firefighters

Moss Point firefighters received a well-deserved pay raise.

Just a few weeks ago, the police department received their raise so the city also wanted to increase the pay for firefighters, acknowledging all they do as first responders.

Moss Point Mayor Billy Knight tells News 25, the raise keeps Moss Point competitive to other fire departments on the Coast.

Full-time firefighters will see a $2 per hour increase and part time will see a $1 per hour increase. Moss Point Mayor Billy Knight said, “Because we’ve had so many vacancies in the department, we’ve been able to accumulate this money over time. So, the chief has come to me and showed me on different occasions where because they have a lot of employed people and fewer positions, they had this money there. My concern was that was it enough to sustain it and we are now knowing that it is and so it came from vacancies that we’ve had over the year. We’ve been watching the budget this year. So, it came from those two resources so we can do this for the guys.”

The city hopes the pay raise will keep current workers and attract new applicants to apply.

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