Pass Christian School District holds special called meeting

The Pass Christian School District held a special called meeting to discuss the blue-print to reopen Pass Christian High School, as well as emergency leave extensions for employees, and COVID updates.

The board’s first decision this afternoon was to extend the paid leave policy for staff to include ten days of paid leave if they require days off for quarantining.

The board also updated the reopening schools plan, adding two tools: the ability to use the hybrid teaching model and the consideration of online learning as an option to families. Pass Christian School District Superintendent Dr. Carla J. Evers said, “Once it becomes a challenge to staff the school, as you know, it will be difficult to have children in school. So, it was a combination of things and I think when those things start happening at the same time, that’s when we have to start making considerations to use these tools that we had have approved today.”

Superintendent Dr. Evers asks parents and families to continue to practice patience, grace, and flexibility in these challenging times. She says the school board’s top priority is the safety of the children.

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