Pass Christian School District announces Pirate Career Academy

Pass Christian schools are excited to announce advancements in their curriculum.

The school district has a history of high-quality academic performance, but they are working on ensuring success for students outside the classroom.

Pirate Career Readiness Academy is a program that helps jump-start career readiness and skills while students are still in high school.

They’re learning things like resume building, career placement, and preparing for job interviews.

Community partners provide opportunities for students to build career skills that they’ll be able to take to the workplace. Pass Christian School District Superintendent Dr. Carla J. Evers said, “Sometimes children would leave not knowing what they wanted to do when they graduated. They didn’t think college was what they wanted to do and they really were not prepared to do anything else. And so, I think that’s just a miseducation of our students when don’t leave us having some type of plan.”

The school district’s goal is for every student to be ready to enlist, enroll, or be employed upon graduating.

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