Pass Christian Harbor reconstruction almost done

More than two years after Hurricane Zeta damaged it, the Pass Christian Harbor is expected to be completely restored within the next two months.

The city has made upgrades to the harbor by adding flow-through decking and replacing bathroom trailers lost in the storm.

Excursion Pier near Shaggy’s will become a city project and not funded by FEMA. Originally the city decided to not repair the pier, but has since decided they will.

Pass Christian got this done quickly by paying for the initial repairs and having FEMA and MEMA reimburse the city. Pass Christian Harbor Master Russel Holliman said, “We’ve been lucky that our city leaders in the past have been able to put back a fund of money for storm repairs like this. So, we’re able to complete the repairs before we receive the FEMA money.”

Most of the harbor is already open to the public.

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