Pass Christian community builds a sandman

A Pass Christian resident took it upon herself to make her own version of a snowman since she missed making them in Minnesota, where she is originally from.

Mary Bourdin and three of her friends decided eight years ago to bring a snowman to the Coast, but since there is rarely snow here, they decided to make him from sand, calling him a ‘sandman.’

When Bourdin first started the sandman, he was only knee high. Over the years, he has grown to 15 feet with the help from the community, Harrison County Sand Beach, and the Pass Christian Fire Department.

Sandman’s accessories are made from seashells or plants you find on the beach. “We just did it for fun. Everybody loves him and so we just keep doing it. It just warms the heart and we love to see him. We’ll come down here and see the little Pass Christian sign has been moved. People are taking pictures and they are not from the Pass, but we love it.”

The sandman goes up the day before Thanksgiving and is left until January 1st.

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