Operation Saturation: Mississippi Highway Patrol increasing trooper visibility on I-10

Driving on I-10 today you may notice more state troopers than usual.

Due to an influx of complaints about reckless driving along I-10 MHP will be increasing their trooper presence. They’re calling it Operation Saturation.

Troopers will be watching motorists who are tailgating, not wearing their seatbelts, speeding, and exhibiting road rage.

MHP Trooper Cal Robertson says today’s effort are for public safety he hopes that Operation Saturation will remind reckless drivers the rules of the road. “That is our objective. It’s to avoid knocking on a door, having to tell someone their loved one is not coming home. That’s why we’re out there. It’s not about a ticket. It’s about saving a life.”

This year there have been 582 wrecks recorded in the lower six counties.

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