OLA students gather for bonfire and lantern release to prepare for first day of school

The students of Our Lady Academy hosted a last-day of summer get together to celebrate their summer and to get excited for a brand-new school year.

For the first time in several years, the student council at Our Lady Academy decided to host its Last-Day-of-Summer Bonfire for the whole student body.

Students from all grades seventh through 12th made their way to the Washington Street Pier to celebrate the beginning of a new school year.

The students also held a lantern release where they filled each lantern with prayers and goals for the new school year.

The seniors even wrapped gifts for each of the new seventh graders to help them get comfortable with their new school and peers.

Parents and siblings were also invited to the event to share in the end of summer festivities. Student Council VP Katie Coenenn said, “It’s going to be good to meet like some of the new people and grow closer with other people at our school and especially the teachers, and I think it’s just gonna be a really fun, good start to our year.”

Student Council President Rebecca Baxter said, “I’m very excited to start senior year tomorrow. It’s a great way to come back and see our teachers and all our friends and just the weather’s really pretty so.”

The girls return to class Friday, August 4th.

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