Ocean Springs Mayor Holloway shares what is in store for the city

The Ocean Springs Lions Club held their monthly meeting tonight to discuss how small cities are recovering from the pandemic.

Ocean Springs Mayor Kenny Holloway spoke on issues and future plans for the city. Mayor Holloway informed the public about Ocean Springs’ compressive plan, the $1 million city wide sidewalk project, plans for city hall’s new roof, new city landscaping, ways to help the homeless, and improvements coming to Gay-Lemon Park.

Mayor Holloway reassures residents that Ocean Springs is moving forward from the pandemic and will continue with scheduled infrastructure plans using $9 million for the first phase of work to be complete in three years. Ocean Springs Lions Club Public Relations Leigh Coleman said, “We wanted to find out how many people had concerns about our city moving forward. I have found that small towns are actually coming back faster and smoother than the great cities and it might be just as simple as our problem-solving techniques are not as complicated and I think that’s what Mayor Holloway was trying to reiterate.”

The Lions meet every third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at Aunt Jenny’s located on Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs.

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