Ocean Springs man reaches milestone of donating 20 gallons of blood over the years

One man has reached an incredible milestone in Ocean Springs that was 30 years in the making.

Seventy-five year-old Dale Dunlap reached a milestone he has been looking to reach for over 30 years. Dunlap has officially reached 20 gallons of blood donated to the Blood Center organization.

Dunlap began donating when his three-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he has donated more than 150 times. “I’ve been doing it since 1980 when I could and now it’s just grown into instead of once a month you can give every two weeks and I’ve been on a roll for the last twenty gallons today.”

Dunlap has made visits to several Blood Centers across the southern states throughout the years where he mainly focuses on donating platelets, parts of blood cells that are used in the treatment for cancer patients. The Blood Center P.R. Manager Paul Adams said, “It’s phenomenal. It’s amazing. That’s one of the biggest milestones that I know of, especially here in the Mississippi area. 20 gallons of blood is massive, and it makes a huge difference.”

When he passed the milestone at the center, he was awarded with a cake, a certificate, and a pin that symbolized his accomplishment. Dunlap says he does not plan to stop donating any time soon. “I want to shoot as long as I can give platelets, I’ll do it till the day I die.”

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