Ocean Springs homeowners draw in crowds with Halloween decorations

Some dare to enter while others embrace the spookiest house on Post Oak Drive.

Six years of Halloween decoration collecting creates a haunted house for coastal residents to enjoy.

Homeowner Bryan Beecher plans a month in advance how to organize his three spooky spaces.

The front yard’s bone grave leads you to witches, Dracula, and spooky pumpkins. The asylum garage detours kids with its flickering lights, motion detector monsters, and haunted music. The tool shed is too graphic to describe for news, but leaves your stomach in knots.

But for those who come for the candy, a simple ‘trick or treat’ does the trick. Beecher said, “I start thinking of things and organizing it and putting it together. I actually start putting it together early. I draw it on a piece of paper and plan it months ahead. A little bit over $5,000 worth of animatronics and probably $1,500 worth of the rest of the stuff and a lot of work.”

The Beechers also decorate for Christmas with just as much spirit as Halloween.

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