Ocean Springs group teaches local kids bike safety

Ocean Springs could soon become more bike friendly after OSPREYS, responsible for the city’s new cycling path, is teaching kids about being safe on two wheels.

OSPREYS, or the Ocean Springs Pedestrian and Residents for Exercise and Youth Safety, gave some quick safety lessons at Ocean Park Elementary this morning.

The group demonstrated the ABCs of biking, encouraging the kids to test the air, brakes, and chain before hopping on for a ride.

Kids were also fitted for bike helmets and shown how to navigate intersections with stop signs. OSPREYS President Liz Elmore said, “So our organization OSPREYS just came out with a new bike route through town, and we have trails we’re working on with the city to make sure we have a new bike lane on Bechdel, and we’re trying to make Ocean Springs more bike friendly and let the kids grow up how we grew up — so they can bike to school, bike to their friend’s house, and to the park, anywhere they want to go. So, we’re working hard to make Ocean Springs a more bike-friendly community.”

OSPREYS aims to promote road safety for pedestrians and cyclists by having the city reexamine its speed limits.

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