Ocean Springs Environmental Alliance Celebrated Earth Day at the Mary C. Cultural Arts Center

The Ocean Springs Environmental Alliance celebrated Earth Day at the Mary C. Cultural Arts Center on Saturday.

The event aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire people to take action to protect our planet.

It featured twenty vendors offering eco-friendly products, interactive discussions and activities for families to learn about the importance of sustainability.
Activities also included educational presentations on composting, recycling, and renewing energy.

Individuals were encouraged to do workshops spread throughout the campus to not only get some education but also some hands on experience.

Ocean Springs Environmental Alliance volunteer Natalie Ortell says, “Ocean Springs is a beautiful place and we want to protect that. We want our community to understand why its so important, so things from the trees to the birds, to the tiniest insects around us. so getting the citizens here to discuss all those really cool things with people who are out in the field all day long protecting it is really meaningful.”

This is the alliance’s second year putting the event together.

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