Ocean Springs City Council calls executive session in wake of downtown shooting

The Ocean Springs City Council held an executive session this afternoon to discuss current and future plans regarding the safety of the city.

Residents of Ocean Springs waited eagerly outside for the discussion to finish.

Once the session ended, the mayor told News 25 that the main focus regarding the meeting was to discuss the future of the Scratch Kitchen, the restaurant and bar were seven people were shot this past weekend.

He says the board was successful in acquiring a ten-day temporary restraining order on the business.

Once the ten days are up, the mayor says he hopes a permanent restraining order will be in place to stop operations completely. Ocean Springs Mayor Kenny Holloway said, “We don’t want to rush through it, but we want to make sure we’re very thorough and comprehensive and what we can do to stop it from happening again and really has mentioned in the meeting, maybe a lot of good comes out of this and that’s what we’re hoping for.”

The temporary restraining order will be filed May 10th and heard in court on Friday.

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