Ocean Springs business owners heartbroken over the loss of Carl the Rooster

Why would anyone want to harm Carl? Today, an air of sadness lingers in downtown Ocean Springs.

At Twisted Anchor Tattoo, a wreath memorializes a town hero, where he’d roost. At Lil’ Market Deli, a monument sits on the patio, cast in his likeness. These were the two places Carl would frequent during his daily strolls throughout the city.

Many are heartbroken to learn of his death, especially considering it may have been out of malicious intent.

It’s a somber day for Matt Stebly and the rest of the employees at Twister Anchor Tattoo after learning the details surrounding Carl’s death. Stebly said, “How somebody could do something like this to an innocent animal, that’s the biggest question I have.”

It’s a question he continues to ask him: what would drive someone to harm an innocent animal, a town mascot? “There was a discussion I had yesterday. My client I was tattooing and I kept asking her and after the three or four times she stopped me and she said ‘we will never know; we won’t be able to answer this.’”

Business owners across town cherish Carl and mourn together. District Coffee Company Co-Owner McCade Hibbard said, “It’s awful. Carl was a symbol of peace in downtown. Everybody loved him. He was like a pet to everyone.”

He was an honorary citizen of Ocean Springs and now the town calls for justice. District Coffee Company Co-Owner Anthony Portera said, “Just pure evil. I don’t know who would do something like that, maybe the town gets their way with him after.”

Willow Salon Owner Victoria Migues said, “They did a horrible thing and they deserve to have what happens to them.”

“I don’t know why somebody would do something like this and I don’t think I will ever know.”

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