November’s Class Act: Oak Park Elementary’s Ashley Tatham

It’s time to highlight a local teacher making a difference in the lives of their students.

For this month’s Class Act Segment, let’s go to Oak Park Elementary in Ocean Springs where one kindergarten teacher is helping her young students reach for the stars at an early age.

For Oak Park Elementary’s Ashley Tatham, education has been a lifelong passion. “I was always drawn to teaching since I can remember. I would teach my little cousins when they were little, I would volunteer at Boys and Girls Club.”

Now in her 13th year of teaching, Ms. Tatham says helping little learners as they begin their journey through school is especially rewarding. “They learn so much, they’re like sponges. They love you, they’re so excited to learn, and it’s just a great time to shape all their little minds.”

The key to helping kids succeed? Fostering a welcoming environment for her students. “I try to be positive. I try to look for the good in everybody, and I try to push them. I have very high standards, and they always leap to that, so I just love it.”

Ms. Tatham says being recognized for her work in the classroom is a high honor. “Oh, it means everything to me, because, you know, teachers, we are always doing and rarely seen, so I think it means so much to just know that we’re valued.”

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