November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, a time used to increase national awareness of adoption issues, bring attention to the need for adoptive families, and emphasize the value of youth engagement.

According to Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, there are 3,878 foster children in the state of Mississippi.

While many look to adopt infants, about 20,000 youth exit foster care and are left to fend for themselves each year and 37 percent of children experience more than 2 placements each year.

“In 2022 so far there has been 644 children adopted,” said Tana Walker, a social worker with Southern Christian Services. “There are over 1,200 that have a plan of adoption and that are waiting to either finalize the adoption or to find that forever family.”

Those interested in adopting or who need more information can call 228-896-1128 or can visit

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