Nicholson Avenue Road Work Update: Contractor discovered poor soil

In the City of Waveland, Nicholson Avenue, south of CSX Railroad tracks, is closed for repairs in the 100 block.

When the paving contractor removed concrete panels at the beginning of the project, the contractor discovered poor soil.

The two-day job turned into a multi-week job. The contractor started digging out the soil this week to make repairs.

The City of Waveland will likely open the road with just the base repair complete, but no surface. Waveland Ward 1 Alderman Jerry Burke said, “There is going to be a three-step process excavating and putting the new base down, then put a base of asphalt and allow it to cure for several days. The finished product will go on top of the base of asphalt.”

The whole project should be done by the end of next week.

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