New Year’s celebrations leave empty shelves at local liquor stores

Due to New Year’s weekend, some liquor stores are experiencing a wipe out from their shelves.

Southern Spirits Wine and Liquor in Long Beach has been open for six years and during every holiday the store experiences an increase in sales, but New Year’s seems to be one of the main holidays that leaves their store empty.

The store also has seen customers stock up on alcohol to prevent getting out in the cold or prevent coughs and sinuses by buying bourbon to make hot toddies.

The store will begin stocking shelves again by the end of this week. Southern Spirits Wine and Liquor Owner Tammie Bissonnette said, “I’m glad to move product, but it is kind of heartbreaking when you can’t resupply it immediately. Myself, as well as other liquor stores, we have been working diligently to try to keep the liquor on the shelves.”

If your go-to drink is not stocked, the store is willing to help their customers find a similar drink or make some sort of deal to ensure their customers are satisfied.

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