New Orleans Saints allowing teams to contact Sean Payton

When Sean Payton retired as head coach of the New Orleans Saints, he did so in the middle of a contract, but the Saints aren’t standing in his way as other teams begin the process of courting the Super Bowl 44 winner.

However, they are seeking compensation for the final two years of that deal, having given permission to the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Houston Texans to interview him as soon as league rules allow according to Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis.

Payton decided to hang it up following the 2021 season, parting ways as the winningest coach in franchise history with an overall record of 152-89.

Loomis says compensation must be agreed upon before teams can offer Payton a contract and that he hasn’t declined permission to any other teams. “It’s complicated because, look, I have such great respect for him. He’s a close friend of mine. He’s a great coach. All those things. And I want the best for him. I do. We do, collectively as an organization. He gave everything he could possibly give to the New Orleans Saints and took us to heights that the organization and team never achieved before. So, I absolutely want the best for him. But I also recognize that he’s a valuable asset, his contract is a valuable asset to our club, and it’s our duty to maximize that.”

Loomis says Dennis Allen will return as head coach of the Saints in 2023 following a 7-10 showing in year one.

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