New Orleans Saints 2023 NFL Draft Picks

The New Orleans Saints should be pretty busy as always, heading into draft weekend with eight picks at their disposal, starting with that Sean Payton pick in the first round at 29 overall.

They pick twice more on Friday, 40th overall in the second round and 71st overall in the third round.

By the time day three rolls around, the Saints pick at 115 in the fourth round.

Later on Saturday, two picks in the fifth round at 146 and 165, the latter courtesy of the Eagles and then two more in the seventh round at 227 and 257. Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said, “We’re looking for the best player that we can get, best football player we can get, and that encompasses a lot of things. It’s not just about ability. It’s about the makeup of the player. Does he fit our culture? Is he going to be great in our locker room? Does he have leadership skills? It’s all these other things outside of ability, physical ability, so I think that’s an important part of it. In terms of who we’re drafting, it’s, man, let’s get somebody we love.”

The first round of the NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow at 7 p.m.

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