New milk bank depot for mothers opens in Ocean Springs

Better Beginnings: Childbirth Education and Lactation Care has opened a new milk bank depot in Ocean Springs that will allow for donor moms in the area to drop off their milk donations.

Bianca Wooden is an international board-certified lactation consultant who specializes in providing childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, and lactation services.

She decided to set up a milk depot at her facility to allow mothers in the area to donate to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Mississippi which is located in Jackson. “That milk will be dropped off here and then it goes to the lab in Jackson, Mississippi, where it is screened and pasteurized and homogenized and prepared for the babies that are in the NICU in our hospitals. Those babies are sickest babies or the ones who really need to avoid formula and have access to human milk and sometimes they don’t have that from their own mothers so this is just another way to support them.”

Mothers who are interested in donating can call Mothers Milk Bank of Mississippi at 601-939-5504.