New executive director takes over at the Port of Gulfport

With just over a week on the job under his belt, Port of Gulfport’s new Executive Director Jon Nass is settling in and getting to work on his plans for the future of the port.

Previously, Nass was with the Maine Port Authority where he helped develop northern New England’s only container terminal and secured tens of millions of dollars in funding for the port and rail infrastructure.

Here in Gulfport, Nass says the port is underutilized. Over the years, $570 million has been put into the infrastructure of the port.

Nass hopes to find new shippers to come into Gulfport to fully utilize the port. “Ideally what I’d like to do is make sure that we’re a true asset to the state of Mississippi. That’s our primary job is to make jobs here in the region, in the area, but also help Mississippi businesses access new markets. So, we’ll be spending a lot of time getting to know Mississippi businesses, finding out what their shipping needs are and then growing in a way that helps them.”

Nass also says he’s looking forward to getting to know more people on the Coast and learning how he can help grow the area.

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