New cafeteria furniture has arrived at North Gulfport Elementary and Middle School

North Gulfport Elementary and Middle School is prepping for the new school year the right way.

Brand new cafeteria furniture arrived at the newly expanded and renovated North Gulfport Elementary and Middle School today.

The age-appropriate furniture will be set up in the former seventh grade cafeteria for the elementary students to enjoy meals.

Along with the newly designed furniture, there is a new kindergarten through first grade building as well that features a new classroom as well as having their own bathroom and closet in each room.

Principal Milton Ray tells News 25 what the incoming students have to look forward to. “It’s a new environment. Some of them are coming from different schools and this will be their first time on the North Gulfport campus. So, we want to make sure that it is a welcoming environment for students when inside of illuminated classrooms, new furniture, new place. They’ll be excited about learning new teachers, new environment. Make it comfortable for them just so they can focus on learning.”

Principal Ray also says he’s looking forward to establishing a new culture and building on the expectations of the community and city.

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