National Congress of Black Women presents ‘Your Majesty, Run’

In honor of International Women’s Month, the National Congress of Black Women Gulf Coast chapter raised the curtains inside the Good Deeds Community Center for a play.

The play, titled ‘Your Majesty, Run’ centers around a 15-year-old girl questioning why her vote matters. Her question is answered by fellow cast members explaining how her vote is her voice and, especially as a woman, her voice needs to be heard.

Members say they want to see participation in all elections continue to grow in the years to come. Member Alma Waller said, “The vote matters in the local, state, and nationally, your vote impacts your day to day living. That’s why your vote truly does matter.”

The National Congress of Black Women is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the educational, political, economic, and cultural development of African-American women and their families.

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