National CBD Month celebrated in January

January is National CBD Month which helps spread the knowledge of it and its benefits.

Bethany Campbell, the chief patient educator for Kaya Life, tells News 25 that there are a variety of benefits in using CBD. She says CBD, medically known as cannabidiol, is known to help treat inflammation and joint pain, insomnia and anxiety with little to no side effects.

Two of the most popular ways to take CBD include consuming it through oils, gummies, or other edible forms and smoking it.

While the effects take place quicker by smoking, the effects do not last as long as through edibles. Campbell said, “It can work very effectively in the body to help reduce inflammation, so it can help with pain. It can help with maybe muscle regenety or muscle spasms or tremors, and it is very good for the whole body and it’s very good as a supplement to help with day to day activities.”

If you are interested in trying out CBD, talk to a professional to learn the best way to use it for you.

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