Nation of Patriots annual tour stops on the Coast

One American flag is making its way across all 50 states as part of the annual Patriots Tour that benefits veterans and their families.

The Patriot Tour is a passing of one American flag across the 50 states, lasting 14,500 miles and over 110 days. Traditionally the flag is transported on the back of a motorcycle. Saturday, the flag made its way to the Gulf Coast from Slidell, Louisiana.

One first time flag bearer tells News 25 the feeling of having such a special role in the tour. “Oh, it’s awesome. It’s an honor to deliver the flag and to keep it going.”

Formed in 2008, the nonprofit organization gives 100 percent of its donations to veterans in need. Honoring and supporting those who have fought for our freedom means more than just riding a motorcycle. Military veteran and flag bearer Michelle Foster says this is her third year to attend the tour and it holds a special place in her heart. “Just makes me feel good that people care about the needs of veterans. This organization does try to raise money for veterans in need and it’s nice to support that because right now, I don’t need help, but someday I might.”

The Patriot Tour for veterans starts in Milwaukee and will end in Milwaukee. After traveling through states like New Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska, they still aren’t finished. Foster said, “I’m here to be the flag bearer for the Nation of Patriots Tour. I’m going to be carrying the flag from Biloxi Harley Davidson to Pensacola Harley Davidson.”

The riders continued their journey Sunday morning and the tour will last until September 11th for the homecoming ceremony in Las Vegas.

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