Mystic Ghost Boat Rides in Bay St. Louis teams up with Animal AID

Those passing through the Bayou between now and mid-November can catch a haunted tour on a pontoon boat, the proceeds from which will go toward building an animal sanctuary in Pass Christian.

Mystic Ghost rides is located off Central Avenue just near the Silver Slipper Casino.

It is said that reptilians skulk the bayou waters in Bay St. Louis. And while you might not want to bring your pet in case it becomes reptile food, a ghost tour startup called Mystic Ghost Boat Rides is teaming with Animal AID of Mississippi to build a state-of-the-art animal sanctuary in nearby Pass Christian. The tours began a year ago when tour guide Mystic Molly began weaving tales of the bayou from local legends. Tour Guide Mystic Molly said, “It’s more theater-based. I sing, I tell legends and stories of the past. There is paranormal activity out in the area.”

Representing Animal AID of Mississippi, Lyn Powers tells News 25 that the sanctuary would be the first of its kind on the Gulf Coast. “There’s a lot of need, there’s a lot of dogs that get dumped and found in the middle of the road. So, we’re here to assist the animal control officers and the humane societies.”

Patrons are welcome to come out, buy a ticket, have a drink, bring a date and get scared — all for a good cause. “Each ticket sale, each person that comes with a collar or a can for a cause, and that’s for the animals, I will donate $5 per ticket.”

“This little girl was basically given up by her family and went through a series of different other homes, and she’s finally landed in my home as a foster. And she’s my little angel.”

Tickets begin at $79. The hour-long ride is open on Wednesday through Sunday and runs until November 14.

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