Multiple piers undergoing restoration in Gulfport

The City of Gulfport is moving forward with the restoration of multiple piers.

Construction on Moses Pier is slated to begin in February and be finished by August. The city has received a permit for construction on Urie Pier, but is still waiting on permits for Libby Milner Roland Pier and Courthouse Road Pier.

The new piers will have updates to help them withstand the next storm. Director of Public Works and Engineering Wayne Miller said, “We’re doing a different type of technology this time. Right now, all the piers have wooden deck boards. We’re removing those and we’re putting a flow-through decking which will allow the surf when it gets under the dock and under the pier to flow through the decking instead of pushing it up and then popping the nails and screws loose. And then everything at this point is going to be concrete. If it’s in the water, we want concrete.”

As soon as the permits are ready, the piers will be built one after another.

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