Mississippi Sea Wolves hold season home opener

Sea Wolves fans both old and new headed over to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for the team’s home opener.

This was the first hockey game back along the Coast since the Sea Wolves last played in 2009.

The Sea Wolves entered this game with a 1-1 record and faced off against the 2-0 Columbus River Dragons.

The game started off slow with the first period ending with no goals. However, the Sea Wolves got red hot during the second period and scored three unanswered goals to give them a comfortable lead.

Throughout the game, the fans were buzzing and cheering on their team they have been missing for so long. Seawolves fan Roy Nielsen said, “I was here for the first game. I’m excited big time.”

Sea Wolves fan Mike Fitzgerald said, “We’re ready to go. The boys are going to be buzzing. Tonight, we’re here to support them 110 percent.”

Sea Wolves fan Ryan Renda said, “Super excited to have hockey back here down in the south. It’s been a while, so we’re super pumped and go Sea Wolves.”

The Sea Wolves finished their home opener winning 3-0. They play again tomorrow night.

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