Mississippi Power employee rescues cat from under car

A Mississippi Power employee went to help with what he thought was a broken-down car only to end up on a rescue mission for one frightened furry friend.

Mississippi Power Engineer Nate Burse says he was on his way to an assignment when he saw what he believed to be a woman next to her broken down car. Nate decided to help the woman and when he reached her, he was told that a kitten had made its way into one of the wheel wells of the car.

With the help of Harrison County sheriff deputies and EMS directing traffic, Nate crawled under the car to retrieve the little fluff ball.

Burse says he decided to help because his manager once told him that it is his duty to help anyone in need when he is in his uniform. “Whether a Mississippi Power guy stops and helped or didn’t stop and help, the fact that I passed the incident was already going leave a memory with them. It was either Mississippi Power didn’t stop or Mississippi Power did stop. Because I wanted to help anyway, it made it so much easier because I remember my manager giving us permission to do stuff like that.”

The kitten, dubbed Peanut, has since been adopted.

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