Mississippi Power and RPM Pizza showcase new electric cars

This week is National Drive Electric Week and to celebrate, Mississippi Power and RPM Pizza unveiled a new electric vehicle charging station at the Domino’s Pizza in downtown Gulfport.

RPM Pizza recently added two electric vehicles to its delivery fleet and will share charging data with Mississippi Power.

RPM Pizza purchased a pair of 2021 Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicles for their locations in Downtown Gulfport and on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg. RPM Pizza Franchise Owner Glenn Mueller said, “We’re trying to learn a lot through Mississippi Power. Where to put the charging stations, that type of thing. Also, to figure out how far the cars go and how many deliveries can they take, that type of thing. Get into that type of detail, but we want to do what’s right in terms of the environment, but also figure out the most efficient way to get pizzas to our customers.”

Mississippi Power President/ CEO Anthony Wilson said, “It’s about the environmental footprint of this business and this whole industry of food delivery. It’s really about economics as well. Economics are really beginning to turn and it’s becoming very, very competitive with fossil fuel.”

The goal is to expand to using electric vehicles throughout the entire RPM Pizza Franchise.

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