Mississippi Highway Patrol implementing 10-34 Project for wellness and resiliency

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is introducing a new program focusing on the health and wellness of their officers.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are investing in wellness programs, including the Mississippi Highway Patrol, who just kicked off their own program called the 10-34 Project. Major John Poulos presented the program to the Jackson County Rotary Club and other law enforcement officers. “Where we are starting is peer support. We are going to bring in troopers. We are going to train them in how to provide support to fellow officers. There’s a lot that goes on in law enforcement, but we are going to dig a little deeper and when it comes to support outside of financial or training or equipment. There’s other support that officers need to have in place and that’s why this wellness and resiliency program is so important.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department already has a similar program in place that focuses on keeping health insurance affordable for employees. Sheriff Mike Ezell says wellness programs in law enforcement targets several aspects of an officer’s life, including how the job impacts mental health. “Police officers, deputy sheriffs, they see more things in a week than most people will see in a lifetime. And so, we have to have some mechanisms to deal with that. We talk about things with each other now, but the highway patrol coming out with this plan, hopefully we can all come together and be better employees and be better for our communities we serve.”

For Major Poulos, he believes the 10-34 Project could be a game changer for officers of the Mississippi Highway Patrol and their families. “The support from the public goes a long way with law enforcement officers and their mentality whenever they have to respond to a domestic or traffic stop. So again, we’re taking the responsibility within the Mississippi Highway Patrol to try and provide that support.”

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