Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation celebrates 100 years

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation celebrated its 100th year anniversary today during the Bureau’s summer commodity meetings.

Guests were invited to speak to all Bureau members in attendance, including Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson.

Since the federation began in 1922, its total commodity production value has grown from $8.1 million to $8.1 billion.

The average farm size has grown from 68 acres in 1922 to 300 acres today.

Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation President Mike McCormick says he is thankful for the opportunity to be with the group that has been able to grow all these years. “It’s a special time in our organization’s history. You don’t get a lot of chances or a lot of organizations don’t get to be around for 100 years, but we have and it’s because we’re a true grass-roots organization. We have members in all 82 counties and all 50 states.”

To learn more about the Farm Bureau visit msfb.org.

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