Mississippi Coast Chamber of Commerce holds 2022 Pre-Legislative Briefing

This morning, the Mississippi Coast Chamber of Commerce held their 2022 Pre-Legislative Briefing at the Golden Nugget.

Members of the chamber submitted questions to three local legislators regarding the upcoming 2023 legislative session.

The briefing gives the legislators an opportunity to let the business community know about the important issues that come up during each year’s session and gives them a chance to learn from their constituents.

Legislators say discussions on the state income tax, medical marijuana, teacher pay raises, and the Mississippi School Safety Guardian program to protect teachers and students from school shootings will be important topics for the legislature next year. District 51 Senator Jeremy England said, “Workforce development is so important and that’s a component of education. I know we are asked about our teacher pay raise this morning. That is very important. We are able to give our teachers a pay raise. We are hoping to give incentives to folks to come be teachers in Mississippi and to retain the teachers that we have and that’s very important. When it comes to education, we also need to keep in mind workforce development that means that we need to make sure that when we have high schoolers graduating going into the workforce that they are ready.”

Senator England says going into the new legislative session, he is looking forward to working with economic development and infrastructure improvements.

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